Works in Progress 


My novel manuscript, "News from the Front", explores the unravelling by two middle-aged sisters, Adrienne and Cass, of a secret, long kept by their mother about their father, a doctor in World War Two's Italian Campaign, and the effects the secret's keeping has on this family.

I am seeking a publisher for this manuscript.
A short story, Lost, from a collection of linked short stories on which I'm working, is published in Sulphur,  Laurentian University's Literary journal, issue 2, 2012. The collection has the tentative title "Blue Willow Stories."  These stories explore the effect of various 20th and 21st  Century wars on ordinary people.  


I am working on a manuscript of personal essays, which when finished might be described as a memoir.  One of these essays appears in the book Imagination in Action: Thoughts on Creativity edited by Carol Malyon.  It also appears below.

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